Real Estate Purchases and Sales

We represent businesses and individuals in the purchase or sale of many kinds of real estate, both commercial and residential, including office buildings, shopping centers, warehouses, multi-family properties, raw land, homes, and condominiums, real estate contracts, real estate closings, and more complicated matters. We draft standard real estate contracts, and land installment contracts, and are available to perform attorney reviews of real estate contracts. We work with real estate brokers and agents and are also available to help in for sale by owner transactions. We review title work, boundary surveys, and closing statements.

We help with disputes that arise after contracts are written. We represent buyers and sellers at real estate closings. In commercial real estate sales, we can help arrange a tax-deferred property exchange under Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Sample Cases:
• Assisted a client in selling farm land in Fairfield County, Ohio to a development company and utilizing the proceeds to acquire a multi-tenant commercial property, negotiating and drafting sales and acquisition contracts, tax-deferred exchange documents, seller financing loan documents, reviewed existing leases in the multi-tenant property, and prepared a new lease form for the client’s future use.
• Assisted a real estate investor in resolving issues with co-owners and zoning and utilities officials, and successfully selling by auction one land holding in Delaware, Ohio and in selling an adjacent land holding by contract to the winning auction bidder.
• Assisted an investment company in purchasing a large apartment complex in Hilliard, Ohio.
• Helped buyers complete their purchase of a home when the seller threatened to breach the contract after becoming displeased with repair requests the buyers had made.
• Drafted the contract, loan documents, and handled the closing of the sale of a seller-financed apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio.
• Helped the buyers of a custom home terminate the services of a general contractor who was months late in completing construction and in seeing the project through with a replacement contractor.

Contracts Vocabulary
Offer – a party’s statement of terms upon which he or she is willing to contract, if the opposite party accepts within a stated time.
Acceptance – the other party’s timely reponse, agreeing to the terms stated in the offer.
Counter-offer – a response to an offer which proposes different or additional terms. The maker of a counteroffer agrees to be bound by the terms of the counteroffer if the terms are accepted by the maker of the original offer, within a designated time.
Contingency – a contract clause, such as an inspections clause, creating an ability to cancel if the “contingency” is not satisfied.