Real Estate Development and Zoning

We have represented real estate developers with all types of properties and issues, including:
• Raw land sales and purchases
• Completed project sales and purchases
• Commercial loan closings
• Form project-owning LLC’s
• Negotiate commercial leases and prepare form leases for projects
• Prepare condominium documents
• Handle lease default disputes
• Annexation
• Rezonings, zoning variances, split approvals
• 1031 exchanges
• Easements

We have also represented local governments, including Townships, on zoning variance and rezoning matters, zoning and nuisance court cases, and preparing and revising zoning codes and comprehensive plans.

The real estate development cycle starts with acquisition and ends, usually, with a sale. In between, there are many issues, some imposed by government and others presented by lenders, co-parties to contracts, and tenants. With our years of development industry experience and additional years of private practice experience with complicated commercial transactions, we can help the real estate community at just about any point in the real estate life cycle.