Eminent Domain and Real Estate Tax Reduction

In Ohio, if your property is over-valued for real estate tax purposes, you can file with the Board of Revision for a reduction. We have represented many property owners on such cases. Success in such cases is enhanced by using attorneys who know all about real estate appraisers and appraisal issues. We can help you find a good appraiser — we speak their language.

Appraisal knowledge is also key when the government or a utility wants to buy your real estate through eminent domain. Before filing the condemnation suit, the government or utility must obtain an appraisal and offer you the appraised value. It is best to see an attorney before you accept the government’s or utility’s offer. We can help you determine if the offer is fair, and if it is not, we will team up with an appraiser and represent you in a jury trial, to have the jury determine the amount.

Appraisals and Law
In the legal arena, appraisals are often needed to obtain a real estate tax reduction or to obtain a fair price in an eminent domain or condemnation situation. Depending on the kind of property, appraisers may use one or more methods of determining an opinion of value. These methods include comparable sales, replacement cost, and capitalization of income. Our office understands appraisal terminology and we’d be happy to look over any legal situation where familiarity with appraisers is helpful.