Residential Real Estate Law

• Purchase and Sale Contracts and Closings
• Land Installment Contracts
• Custom Home Contract Negotiations
• Disputes Between Neighbors
• Homeowner Association and Condominium Association Disputes
• Landlord / Tenant Issues
• Contract and Title Services for FSBO situations
• Construction Defects and Construction Contract Disputes
• Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Short Sales
• Cleaning up trailing real estate issues between ex-spouses
• Preparation of Deeds, Easements, Notes, Mortgages, Title Affidavits
• Advice about Legal Problems with Realtors®
• Advice to Realtors® with Legal Problems

Our office can provide you full services on the following aspects of purchasing, selling, and leasing commercial real estate and residential real estate:
• Real Estate Purchases and Sales
• Real Estate Loan Closing Services and Financing Oversight
• Real Estate Leasing and Lease Related Services

We handle a wide variety of residential real estate disputes including:
• Breach of contract
• Foreclosure mediations, loan workouts, loan modification
• Condemnation and eminent domain
• Adverse possession and boundary line disputes
• Nuisance and environmental
• Partition
• Suing perpetrators of frauds and swindles involving real estate
• Disputes between condominium unit owners and condo associations – unlike many condo lawyers, we will represent unit owners in addition to associations.

Troubled Mortgage Borrower Representation and Loan Workouts:
• We provide home owners with options when they are in or near foreclosure. Many courts have a foreclosure mediation program, and we will represent you in the mediation. We help you assemble the financial paperwork needed to discuss a loan modification with the lender, inside or outside of mediation.
• We can also work with you on a short sale process if you want to sell the property to end the foreclosure. We know Realtors who are especially experienced with the short sale process. We can also discuss a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with the lender for you.
• If you are having loan problems, you will receive solicitations from many non-attorney vendors who offer to help, often for a lot of money from you, up front. These vendors are often scam artists, and in any event, if you are being sued in foreclosure, you need a lawyer, not someone who cannot represent you in court.