Business Law

Every business should have a standing relationship with an attorney who is conversant with business matters. We think it best for the business to have one primary attorney to call, so that the business has ready access to a lawyer who already knows and understands the business. We would be pleased to discuss having such a relationship with your business.

Business Start-Up and Strategy Sessions

Services we provide for our business clients include:
• Check name availability
• File for trade name and service mark protection
• Forming LLCs
• Filing corporations
• Drafting LLC operating agreements
• Preparing general partnership and limited partnership agreements
• Refer you to banks, CPA’s, payroll companies, and patent lawyers for additional start-up help

Business Legal Needs

At O’Reilly Law Offices, we can help you:
• incorporate
• form a limited liability company
• negotiate a franchise agreement
• protect your trade names, logos, and trade secrets
• negotiate a lease for office or retail space
• draft employee agreements and handbooks
• prepare non-compete clauses
• negotiate a resolution or represent you in court if you have a business dispute
• help you enforce contracts (however, we are not a “debt collection” firm)
• obtain patents via referral to patent counsel

Internet, Copyrights, Trademarks

If you have developed a business name or concept, software, literature, a logo, you may need to make a state or federal fictitious name, trade name trade mark or service mark filing. We can handle this for you. We are not patent attorneys but if you have an idea that may be suitable for patenting, we can refer you to well qualified patent counsel.

Someone else may be using your concept or business tangible assets (including customer lists) improperly, or someone may be accusing you of that. We offer consultations, correspondence and court services on such matters.

Many people are accused of copyright infringement for innocently downloading a film or TV show from “sharing” sites they though were legitimate but are questionable. Entertainment companies are sending thousands of demand letters and filing suits against ordinary people. We have handled in and out of court a large number of these cases from a defensive standpoint and are available to help you.