Residential Real Estate Law

• Purchase and Sale Contracts and Closings
• Land Installment Contracts
• Custom Home Contract Negotiations
• Disputes Between Neighbors
• Homeowner Association and Condominium Association Disputes
• Landlord / Tenant Issues
• Contract and Title Services for FSBO situations
• Construction Defects and Construction Contract Disputes
• Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Short Sales
• Cleaning up trailing real estate issues between ex-spouses
• Preparation of Deeds, Easements, Notes, Mortgages, Title Affidavits
• Advice about Legal Problems with Realtors®
• Advice to Realtors® with Legal Problems

Our office can provide you full services on the following aspects of purchasing, selling, and leasing commercial real estate and residential real estate:
• Real Estate Purchases and Sales
• Real Estate Loan Closing Services and Financing Oversight
• Real Estate Leasing and Lease Related Services

We handle a wide variety of residential real estate litigation and disputes including:
• Breach of contract
• Eviction defense
• Foreclosure defenses, foreclosure mediations, loan workouts, loan modification
• Condemnation and eminent domain
• Adverse possession and boundary line disputes
• Nuisance and environmental
• Partition
• Suing perpetrators of frauds and swindles involving real estate
• Disputes between condominium unit owners and condo associations – unlike many condo lawyers, we will represent unit owners in addition to associations.

Troubled Mortgage Borrower Representation and Loan Workouts:
• We provide home owners with options when they are in or near foreclosure. We will defend the foreclosure case in court, making sure the plaintiff really owns the note and that it has all the proper documentation. Many courts have a foreclosure mediation program, and we will represent you in the mediation. We help you assemble the financial paperwork needed to discuss a loan modification with the lender, inside or outside of mediation.
• We can also work with you on a short sale process if you want to sell the property to end the foreclosure. We know Realtors who are especially experienced with the short sale process. We can also discuss a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure with the lender for you.
• If you are having loan problems, you will receive solicitations from many non-attorney vendors who offer to help, often for a lot of money from you, up front. These vendors are often scam artists, and in any event, if you are being sued in foreclosure, you need a lawyer, not someone who cannot represent you in court.