Real Estate Litigation

• Partition Actions
• Quiet Title Actions
• Eminent Domain and Condemnation Proceedings
• Adverse Possession
• Breach of Contract and Breach of Lease
• Property Tax Reduction (Board of Revision Cases)

Our office is versatile when it comes to real estate law. We have both transactional and litigation ability.

Sometimes, well-meaning people end up co-owning real estate when they do not want to. For instance, sometimes family members inherit land together and are not on the same page as to whether to sell or hold the property. Partition is a kind of lawsuit that can force a sale when nothing else has worked.

Quiet title and adverse possession lawsuits arise when there are problems with intentional frauds or inadvertent errors in the legal documents in a real estate chain of title or when in real life, the occupants of certain lands are not the record owners and the situation persist for a period of year. We have had many clients over the years show up about to lose possession or suffer foreclosure of their residence or place of business because of issues properly addressed with a quite title clime or counterclaim.

In Ohio, if your property is over-valued for real estate tax purposes, you can file with the Board of Revision for a reduction. We have represented many property owners on such cases. Success in such cases is enhanced by using attorneys who know all about real estate appraisers and appraisal issues. We can help you find a good appraiser — we speak their language.

Appraisal knowledge is also key when the government or a utility wants to buy your real estate through eminent domain. Before filing the condemnation suit, the government or utility must obtain an appraisal and offer you the appraised value. It is best to see an attorney before you accept the government’s or utility’s offer. We can help you determine if the offer is fair, and if it is not, we will team up with an appraiser and represent you in a jury trial, to have the jury determine the amount.